Being in photography since the age of 16 Maria is not simply a requested photographer, but a true and professional specialist. With the diploma of the Rodchenko Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia she started her career path by cooperating with model agencies, which later led her to interior and cosmetics shootings, and not only that: such companies as Allianz Insurance, Nokia, Lindt, Rooms Hotel, Veter Magazine, artist such as Leonid Agutin, Elina Chaga,  Elmira Kallimulina, Nastya Zadorozhnaya highly appreciate Maria’s skills and professional attitude. 

Maria is an eager traveler. She has visited 41 countries, in addition to that she worked on photo shootings in various places: Italy, Hungary, Finland, France, Montenegro, Morocco and Bali. But this is not just another passion of hers — it brings out a new calling — writing. In glossy magazines you will find numerous articles devoted to traveling. 

Combining two of her talents: photography and writing, Maria has published her own book when she was only 24. A life style edition revealing Moscow coffee culture with copyrighted photos and authorial interviews in two languages (Russian and English) — Moscow Coffee Book had a notable success, moreover it is still a significant, essential and symbolic pieces of Moscow youth culture.

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Я редко берусь за съемку свадеб или видео, тем не менее, если мы найдем общий язык и проект покажется мне интересным - я буду рада воплотить Вашу идею в жизнь

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I rarely agree to capture weddings or video, but if we find a common language and Projects seem interesting to me - I'll be happy to bring your idea to life


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